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Welcome To SCRAP TOP 2005 Kft


Various types of Billets, rods & bars, Primary & secondary coils, Refined Alloys.

Our Business

We trade specific merchandises and commodities internationally, based on throughout research and careful investigation.

Our Principles

All employees must maintain professionalism while with the clients, fulfill personal due-diligence, and value long-term partnership.

Our Believes

Cross-border trading creates global efficiency. Mutual respects generates mutual profitability. Reliability promotes economic superiority.

SCRAP TOP 2005 Kft is one of European well established and recognized name in the recycling industry. Build on a history that dates back to more than 3 generations in the plastic, papers and metal scrap business. Over 20 years of success with headquarter in Hungary along with representing yards/ offices in the region specializing in trading; Processing and supplying Plastic Scrap, Waste Paper, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metals the company has earned a prestigious place in the field.

Along the years SCRAP TOP 2005 Kft has developed friendly close professional relationship curried by an expert dedicated staff member who works hand in hand who is happy to assist and meet our client requirements. Fast payment terms, hedging options, adequate logistic solution and significant knowledge of the international business along with wide customers network and risk-free business is SCRAP TOP 2005 Kft added value that proudly shredded with both customer and clients